График работы:

Чистки до 17:00
Просмотры с помощью ясновидения очень редко осуществляю .Только при наличии свободного времени и лишних сил Работа на картах
с 19 00 до 20:30 по будням и не каждый день  .по выходным могу в любое время сесть  .Бесплатные просмотры чаще всего выполняю по пятницам .
Лечение с 17;00 до 19;00  как правило каждый день 

 Время работы не говорит о том, что я работаю весь день, в этот промежуток времени я должна сделать определенную работу, но объем ее зависит от моего свободного времени.

Все бесплатные услуги выполняю
 в разное время,когда мне удобно.

Выходные: суббота и воскресенье для всех услуг кроме платных гаданий на таро ,лечения и обрядов.Чистки и другие просмотры не выполняю  

Написать личное сообщение Ведане 


04.08.2014 Информация по услугам
Лечения проводятся по утрам . Гадания по вечерам  и не каждый день. Обряды по выходным .

29.06.2014 Новости сайта
Открылась рубрика, где вы можете видеть новости и изменения на сайте.Все мои услуги на форуме,форум вверху.

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Дата рождения: 18.09.1989
Пол: Мужской
Профессия: wynalazca
Место жительства: Cieszyn
Интересы: Kultura, ulica, Quake

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Компания: http://hr.gymsupl.pl
Должность: wynalazca
Место расположения: Zacisze
Направление деятельности: www.hr.gymsupl.pl Currently, fashion takes on a significant function in our life. Apparently this is certainly evident through the example of megastars. But is it affect you? To start, at this time young people are classified as the most interested in the latest movements. Their counter and the need to look good can be used by demonstrate business to result in the breakthrough of may be like Design TV or maybe numerous plans in the form of "Hot and also Not". Further, every women's or kid magazine has some fashion division, which is supposed as a tutorial for people. There are even young women who cope these classifieds as a Somebody. All you need to conduct is browse around to see how much fashion will be affected by people. In addition , around schools, females are afraid of currently being ridiculed as a consequence of unfashionable outfits. It shows the scale involving media burden on adolescents. For example , often the ridiculous design of emo is becoming extremely alluring because of its display on tv, video clips in addition to magazines teens. In addition , it has an inexplicable perception that people sporting stylish clothes are someway better than other individuals. On the other hand, there can be individuals who seem to be unmoved via the confusion about fashion and then the media plus represent their unique style of costume. Unfortunately, you will find not many of these. In conclusion, common fashion seriously affects the way you dress. It has a strong affect our lives, and that is growing all the time. Halloween can be a holiday observed on thirty first of April. It came about from Luciano holiday associated with Saints, even so it has become basically an opportunity to have a great time. However , it is just a fun within the scary air flow. First of all, delete word one can find out lots of people in disguise. They were costumes with scary creatures - just like ghosts, monsters, monsters and so forth - or even pretend to be some well-known horror characters, like Freddy Krueger. Quite common on which day, the truth is inseparable, are generally such factors like skeletons or jack-o'-lanterns. These are lanterns made of hollow pumpkins utilizing scary faces carve out along with a candle set inside. An increasingly popular activity some of the children will be trick-or-treating. Concealed in their outfits, they go coming from house to house asking „trick or handle? ”. People ask for reduces signs of, especially special ones, since case with refusal, they are really eager to engage in a tip on the individual that refuses. Teenagers, who are as well old that will trick-or-treat, opt for costume gatherings with destinations like terrifying stories revealing, watching terror films or maybe visiting venues that are regarded haunted. In the long run I want to discuss a very popular Halloween parties game identified as apple bobbing. A large pot is filled with h2o with some pears floating in its area. The task from the participants is usually to catch a good apple by their teeth. Using hands is definitely forbidden. Evening is very popular in the states but it is definitely gaining ever more fans within European countries very.


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